Theatrum was born from a careful restoration of a historic building in Verona in which 10 rooms of various types have been obtained.

What characterizes the beauty of this environment is the main theme of the structure all the rooms, which are dedicated to the opera that takes place in the Verona Arena, in the summer season.

Inside you will find a common area where you can relax, read books while having coffee in the small Cavedio, which gives access to some rooms.

The property is 200 meters from the Roman Theater and the access point to the historic center of Ponte Pietra.

Transfer Airport

Transfer to and from the airport € 35 for 4 people

Transfer Station

Transfer to and from the station € 15 for 2 people


Guided city tours € 25 per person


Wine tour from 30 € per person

Events in Verona

Start: 18 Nov. 2022
End: 22 Dec. 2022
Piazza dei Signori
Start: 1 Sep. 2022
End: 3 Sep. 2022
Teatro Romano
Start: 27 Sep. 2022
End: 1 Oct. 2022
Arena di verona